Fundacja z uśmiechem

Wyszukiwarka w serwisie

Jordan, photo by Barbara Niedzwiedzka-Pajak

© Barbara Niedźwiedzka-Pająk

Wadi Ramm

Sandy red desert of Wadi Ramm was watched at the sunset . This desert is characterized by numerous giant rocks with steep walls

Skarbiec Faraona

After  our journey in a narrow gorge where the walls reach 100 meters high, suddenly appears the most famous monument in Petra - Treasury of Pharaoh


Times of tribal life in Jordan may go down in history, but Bedouins are still present there. About 7% of the country's population continues to be regarded as true nomads


To explore Petra we need to dedicate an entire day. This task can be easy because a lot of people propose transportation in the form of a donkey, horse and camel. Although charming smile of an animal and its owner,  I did not take their help as a serious


The traditional dress is galabija, reaching to the ankles cotton dress. Head wear is usually white and red plaid Hatta, which maintains by the loop of black cord called Agal


Hatta, here's more known as arafatka, may be tied in several ways. Each of them has a different meaning


After climbing on 800 steps,  an unforgettable view of the monastery at sunset is waiting for us. Only tourists with physical condition is willing to see it

Morze Martwe

Going to the Dead Sea  we do not expect that the water in it can be so salty. The average level of salinity is 28%. In the sun water evaporates  all the time and crystallizing salt fouling cover  any surface - for example,  creating artistically decorating stones