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III Foundation Conference "Prevention is better than cure" Krakdent 2013

Report on the 3rd  Conference : "Prevention is better than cure" held on 07.03.2013 during the KRAKDENT 2013 exhibition. Organized by  Foundation "With a smile for life" and Krakow Exhibition.


Organizing conferences and training for the prevention of cancer is one of the objectives of the Foundation "With a smile for life." We thank Ms Beata Simon and Krakow Exibition for big help in organization.

Topics discussed at the session were met with great interest among participants of the Conference.

Prevention of oral cancer is still very popular subject. The Foundation will continue to raise awareness in this area for the next conference.


The conference was attended by 36 doctors/ dentists.

Money collected through  our soap shares (340 zł) will helps us to examine patients during open days in dental offices.



Foundation to fight  with oral cancer 'With a smile for life "- our goals, ideas and current activities. Barbara Niedźwiedzka-Pająk, Foundation "With a smile for life"

The role of HPV in inducing changes  pre and cancerous tumor.
Dr. med Bożena Kędra,
Medical University of Bialystok

Coffee Break

Oral care in the prevention of cancer, head and neck.
dr hab n med Jolanta Pytko-Polończyk,
Medical University in Krakow

Modern methods for the early detection of oral cancer. Short presentations / demonstrations screening methods currently available on the Polish market.
Doc. Bożena Kędra,  Doc. Monika Minor


Why prevention is better than cure - Late diagnosis of head and neck cancers and difficult conversations with the oncology patient.

dr n med Pawel Grabowski
Department of Surgical Oncology, Cancer Center of Bialystok, Podlasie Hospice Foundation of Oncology